Thursday, 5 July 2007

Lesson 4: Sissy laps it up - Part 2

Well having struggled for many hours I sent my video clips off to Akasha and I sit here hot, bothered, and very submissive.

I decided to put on the bright red lipstick for that extra slut factor.
Having spend days tucked, pantied and taped my sissy clittie was finally aloud a cum explosion.
It took less than 30 seconds for me to explode fom having got down on all fours and played with my clittie through my hose and panties.

It was a relief, short lived and a little hollow knowing what was to come next. I eased off my pantyhose and stared down at the oozing mess my clittie had made of my panties. I eased my training panties down my legs being carefuly not to drop any as I really didn't want to start licking the floor. I then got back on all fours, shut my eyes and then started to slurp up my cum from my panties.
I felt almost numb as I knew that this was going to happen before the event, and resigned myself to the fact that I was licking up my own mess that I had made.
Cum on my lips, my panties and now swallowing and licking it down. I felt shameful and a little bit apprehensive about what I might do next? Where would I stop? Would I?

Then the picture that had been painted about cleaning up for Akasha came back into my head and my pride lifted a bit. At least I would be useful for something...and I sucked on my panties with a little more enthusiasm after the initial shock.

I sit here typing away, in a bit of limbo but can't quite stop wondering...What are you going to do with me next?

Well - reality check panty laundry to be done.

Thank you once again for my lesson.


Akasha said...

You are SO hot!!
I know it's no secret to you, probably, that you are in my top few of the class. I would love to share your blog address with the readers of my site so they can see how it's done. How would you feel about that?
M. Akasha

The Butler said...


Once again thank you for the encouragement. I do not have a problem with you sharing the blog with others on the site.


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